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Welcome to the site of professional services for small household repairs! We provide a wide range of services for home and office, helping you quickly and reliably solve small problems and tasks that may arise in everyday life.

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Electrical Equipment Repair: Your Safety is Our Concern

When it comes to your electrical system, reliability and safety play a crucial role. Repair Experts Company's team of electrical repair experts is ready to keep your electrical infrastructure running smoothly and reliably.

Diagnostics, Troubleshooting:

We start with a thorough diagnosis of your electrical system. Our experienced technicians quickly identify faults and problems, ensuring that the cause is pinpointed.

Socket, Switch Repair:

Faulty sockets and switches can create serious problems. We repair, replace and install sockets and switches to ensure a safe and efficient connection.

Service, Technical Support:

Our work does not end after the renovation. We offer regular maintenance to prevent future problems and ensure long-term reliability of electrical appliances.

Plumbing and Plumbing Repair: Water Without Worries

Problems with plumbing and plumbing can create serious inconvenience and lead to unpleasant consequences. Our experienced Repair Experts Company plumbers are ready to intervene promptly and provide you with a solution to ensure that the water in your home or office flows without worries.

Pipe Repair:

Our plumbers specialize in pipe and fitting repair. We replace worn or damaged components to ensure long-term reliability and years of service.

Resolving Clogs:

Clogs in the sink, toilet, or bathroom are a common problem. We use modern equipment to effectively remove blockages and restore normal water drainage.


If you need a new plumbing installation, we provide this service. We will help you choose the right equipment and install it in compliance with all norms and standards.

Furniture and Interior Renovation: Creating Comfort and Style

Your furniture is not just items in your home or office, it is part of your life and style. If your furniture is damaged or needs updating, Repair Experts Company professionals are ready to bring it back to life. We provide a wide range of services for the repair, restoration and improvement of furniture and interiors.

Assembly, Disassembly:

When moving or renovating the interior, we carry out the assembly and dismantling of furniture components with professional precision.

Furniture Repair, Restoration:

Regardless of the style, material or condition of your furniture, our craftsmen are ready to restore it to its original state or even improve its condition.

Furniture Upholstery:

Do you want to update the upholstery of your furniture or adapt it to a new design? We offer furniture upholstery services using high quality materials.

Small Appliance Repair: Technical Magic for Your Comfort

In the world of modern household appliances, even small breakdowns can cause serious inconvenience. Repair Experts Company specializes in small appliance repairs to give you back functionality and comfort in home appliances that have made your life easier.

Diagnosis, Repair:

Our technicians perform thorough diagnostics on your small equipment to pinpoint faults and determine how to fix them.

Microwave Repair:

Is your microwave not heating up or have other problems with it? We are solving it. Our experts will diagnose and solve the problem.

Appliance repair:

We service and restore the performance of various household appliances, coffee machines, irons and more.

Why We?

Professional Experience: Our craftsmen have extensive experience in the field of minor home repairs and maintenance.

Quick Response: We value your time and respond promptly to your requests to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Quality and Guarantee: We guarantee the high quality of work and provide a guarantee for our services.

Convenience: We work from home or in the office, which ensures maximum convenience for customers.



I turned to this company for the repair of a coffee machine, and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of work. The technicians quickly identified the problem and fixed it. I recommend!


Great appliance repair company. I had a problem with the fridge and they fixed it quickly. Reasonable prices, top notch service. The guys are just masters of their craft. I recommend to all!


Thank you guys for a great microwave repair. Very happy with their professional approach and friendly service. Now I can cook delicious meals again quickly and without problems.

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